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The purpose of World Chaos News is to bring to light and inform you the reader of the hour in which we find ourselves on planet earth. It is my hope that through World Chaos News answers and meaning to the world events that are taking place will be answered. Hopefully you the reader will then be able to make rational and informed decisions regarding your future, especially their eternal future.

Hezbollah Could Join Hamas in Fight Against Israel

There is a growing fear that other groups such as Hezbollah may join Hamas in its fight against Israel, as the group rejects Secretary of State John Kerry’s call for a ceasefire. While Hezbollah, the Islamist group in Lebanon, is engaged … Continue reading

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Startling: The Most Important Sentence Obama Ever Uttered, July 22nd 2014!

This nation is quickly plunging headlong into the darkness of globalism and a New World Order. Barack Obama is the man to take us there. This is the kind of “New World Order” quote from Obama’s speech on Tuesday July 22nd … Continue reading

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Iranian elite forces re-take gas field from ISIL in Syria

 has deployed Iranian combat units to recapture a major energy field in the north. Opposition sources said Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has been summoned to battle Al Qaida fighters in Syria. They said IRGC deployed hundreds of elite troops … Continue reading

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Russia firing artillery at Ukraine military targets

Obama administration officials said Thursday that Russia is firing artillery from its own territory into Ukraine to hit Ukrainian military sites, pointing to escalating Russian involvement in the deadly conflict. “This clearly is a military escalation,” Pentagon spokesman Col. Steve Warren … Continue reading

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GCHQ leak lists UK cyber-spies’ hacking tools

A document that appears to list a wide variety of GCHQ’s cyber-spy tools and techniques has been leaked online. It indicates the agency worked on ways to alter the outcome of online polls, find private Facebook photos, and send spoof … Continue reading

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Court Rules Off-The-Grid Living Is Illegal

Living off the grid is illegal in Cape Coral, Florida, according to a court ruling last Thursday. Special Magistrate Harold S. Eskin ruled that the city’s codes allow Robin Speronis to live without utility power but she is still required … Continue reading

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TruNews and ‘V The Guerrilla Economist’

Published on Jul 24, 2014 Today is Part 1 of a two-part interview with a Wall Street trader identified only as “V.” Rick questions V about the ongoing assassination of high level bankers, massive fraud in the financial markets, and … Continue reading

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Wave of Plague and Pestilence Descending upon our World

One third to die by plague or famine; one third will fall by the sword; one third to be scattered to every wind NaturalNews – Many believe that Biblical signs of famine and pestilence have begun to appear in our … Continue reading

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Earthquakes are increasing in the UK: highest level in a decade

New figures show the number of earthquakes recorded in the UK is increasing. The highest level of detections in the last decade is set to be registered for 2014, with 100 earthquakes already recorded in the first three months of … Continue reading

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This year’s mayfly hatch resembles something of biblical proportions

This year’s mayfly hatch in the Mississippi River reached Biblical proportions. The mayfly emergence is an annual event in which mayflies leave the Mississippi River after one or two years of incubation. The flies live for just a few days … Continue reading

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