NASA Is Lying About Comet ISON! Professor James McCanney — VIDEO

Worth listening to, and pretty frightening! Don’t think NASA would lie?  Think again! This video tells us what we are to expect regarding Comet ISON in the near future. YouTube Video Text: Published on Sep 14, 2013 Professor James McCanney is an expert in physics & comets. Comet ISON is Nibiru. Posted by (Before It’s News)

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The purpose of World Chaos News is to bring to light and inform you the reader of the hour in which we find ourselves on planet earth. It is my hope that through World Chaos News answers and meaning to the world events that are taking place will be answered. Hopefully you the reader will then be able to make rational and informed decisions regarding your future, especially their eternal future.
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One Response to NASA Is Lying About Comet ISON! Professor James McCanney — VIDEO

  1. Faye Brown says:

    Interesting times no doubt … times that has and will prove God’s WORD is alive and well in Earth in the heavens and in deep space … times that will prove there is no technology, no astrology, that precedes nor excels the wisdom of our CREATOR … I often consider how the Spirit (accelerated frequency of Positive energy flow) has been awakening consciousness and elevating knowledge of understanding since before the known fall of man … and how the same Spirit could also be awakening the movement of Ancient Objects having laid dormant not only in the Earth and in the heavens, but also in deep space .. either way … time will tell just what this ISON object will bring … yet one thing I’m confident in .. is that wherever ISON has ventured from … or where ever ISON will venture to … there’s an EYE of the CREATOR always in watch .. Exodus 3:14 And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you.
    “I” can travel the sun’s flare, be on Earth, when it gets’ there.
    “I” can hold back solar wind, or step back, and let it in.
    “I” ‘ve formed galaxies near and far, “I” can scatter, every star.
    “I” can kiss a baby’s cheek, before the mother can even speak.

    “I” ‘m in the Spirit of the Wind, “I” am, enemy I am friend.
    “I” can build a new beginning, before the, old one even ends.
    My powers are only limited, in the consciousness of man’s mind.
    “I” was here before the beginning, I’ll be here past the end of times.

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