Mazzaroth and the Appointed Times 2014

Published on Dec 6, 2012 - Firstly, my apologies for the length of this video. It was originally designed as a presentation video, however we have had so many requests to view this video again, we have uploaded it in its entirety. To be honest, given the sure scale of the subject, we could have easily made this video six hours long! We have barely scratched the surface…may it still help you along your journey.

For many in the Church today, they have only ever understood the Gospel Message through a modern “western Greek” Jesus type of lens. However, if we really are trying to understand the essence of our Messiah and our faith, then we need to also see it through a “Hebrew” lens as God intended and implemented to convey His ultimate truths. When we do, there are no other religions, belief systems or other forms of philosophy that can compare with His Truth and Spirit.

When the “Heavens” and a book that claims to be the “Word of God” match and confirm each other at key junctions throughout time and History, we should take notice! No man could ever manipulate or facilitate these events at this level. Once the penny truly drops on this subject matter, and not just this video, you will then realise the author could only be the God of “Abraham, Isaac and Jacob”. No other religion outside the Hebrew “lens” can provide such a foundation of truth from an historical, cosmic and written account, all matching to give an ultimate message of Hope.

The heavens really do “declare His glory”…His Glory is Yeshua our Messiah. It is our prayer that this video may lead you to seek and ask more questions about who God says He is…and not who we think He is. We hold an incredible message of love, written in blood 2000 years ago – an ultimate message of His Love that is beyond compare…both in scope and truth.

Today, the waters have become “muddy” inside the professing “Christian” Church. Sadly, much of the modern Western Church is now entertaining such levels of ignorance, silliness, practices and ultimately hypocrisy that it is almost beyond comprehension. If it were not for “Bible Prophecy” it-self warning of such a time within the camp of His “beloved”…then it truly would not make any sense! We have been tricked once again on many levels as “believers”…just like we were 2000 years when many rejected our Messiah the first time.

If you have been searching for truth and answers, and we (His Church) have let you down or turned you off God…please forgive us. Please understand, we are actually both the living source of His truth, but we are also the target of deception and attack. Do not throw ‘the baby out with the bath water’ because we fail on many fronts. We are not perfect and we are all growing and learning to know and understand Him more, through the transformation of our own hearts while he continues to give us the breath of life as He determines.

May all of us, who claim to be His Church at this time, truly learn to repent before Him as to how we have mis-represented Him in so many ways.
There is an urgency now. May His Holy Spirit guide and lead us all to know and love His ultimate truth at this time…Yeshua our Messiah.

End Times Warning – Mazzaroth and the Appointed Times 2014 (

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One Response to Mazzaroth and the Appointed Times 2014

  1. Faye Brown says:

    And the destiny of fallen Nations are to return to their rightful inheritance of the Mazzaroth … most every star marks the location of an enclosed expanse of atmosphere inhabited by a chosen people … yet through trickery and deceit, branching out from a take over of the earth, some stars were invaded and occupied by the satanic and demonic forces .. in this manner earth and a specific alliance of star colonies became the seat of diabolical evil … until this generation … as now is the final battle to free a people of Mother Earth

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