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911 callers in Norfolk, Virginia, were shocked when they reported seeing a lion moving through the streets of their quiet neighbourhoods. The owner of the “lion” was less surprised his pet Charles-the-Monarch was garnering so much attention, despite the fact that Charles is a dog with a royal name and not the king of all cats.

“I tell people he’s a Lab-a-lion, and half the people believe that,” Daniel Painter told the The Virginian-Pilot.

AP Photo/Virginia Zoo

AP Photo/Virginia Zoo

Charles does look a bit lion-like. His fur is groomed into a large mane to make him look like the mascot of Old Dominion University. Painter takes him to the school’s football games.

Charles is so popular he even has a large fan base on Facebook.



Some of the 911 callers didn’t seem to recognize Charles’ canine nature.

Some examples from The Virginian-Pilot:

“I’d like to report a lion sighting,” he said.

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