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[np_storybar title="Killer whales trapped in ice off Northern Quebec: Video" link="#1"]

A small Inuit community on Hudson Bay is appealing for help after a dozen killer whales, one of which is bleeding, were trapped in nearby ice.

The whales were discovered by a hunter Tuesday, and are currently boxed into a small area near an opening in the ice. Inukjuak Mayor Peter Inukpuk said they are becoming agitated and panicked, at times attempting to come up to the surface all at once, gasping for air.

“I don’t know how long they will last,” said Mr. Inukpuk.

He said his community of 1,800 people, only accessible by plane in the winter, is not equipped to help the killer whales. Attempts to keep the hole open would only work for so long, he added.

“We would need outside help if there’s any chance of keeping them alive,” he said.

Marina Lacasse, HO / The Canadian Press Marina Lacasse…

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